Consulting Services

What if it were possible to make your marketing, sales and events efforts more effective? What would you do with your time & energy if you could trust your conferences & events to experienced professionals?

MSE Partners understand the challenges faced by businesses in today’s economy and so, we are always working at a maximum level of efficiency. By maintaining low overheads and ensuring everyone involved with your project are the best at what they do, we can pass on our savings to our clients without sacrificing quality.


Outsourcing your marketing function(s) can help you achieve your business goals if you don’t have a marketing department, or it can give you more hands and fresh ideas even if you do.


MSE Partners work with companies in a variety of ways to assist on the sales and business development arms of their organizations. We can recruit, train and manage your sales teams internally or externally. We also can be your entire sales team or augment one critical portion of an overall sales channel strategy.


We work with our clients from concept to execution of their events and any part in-between. We believe in delivering a program that will meet our clients’ objectives, surpasses their expectations and creates a lasting impression on their attendees long after the event is finished.

We plan, research, deliver and evaluate every element of an event. From the destination and venue to the program and content of sessions, on-site experiences, to communication, marketing, and follow-up we ensure the event reinforces our clients’ messages and needs at every point.

Our staff includes marketing consultants and researchers, sales managers & business development professionals, training & professional development executives, customer service professionals, conference content producers and event operations managers.