Outsourcing your marketing function(s) can help you achieve your business goals if you don’t have a marketing department, or it can give you more hands and fresh ideas even if you do.



We work with companies to assist on their sales and business development arms. We can recruit, train and manage your sales teams internally or externally, can be your entire sales team or augment one critical portion of an overall sales channel strategy.



We work with our clients from concept to execution of their events and any part in-between to deliver a program that will meet our clients’ objectives and creates a lasting impression on their attendees long after the event is finished. We also plan and promote our own high-level executive events in various industries.

About MSE Partners

MSE Partners is a full-service, international consulting and event operations firm.

We specialize in fulfilling all your event marketing, sales, and event planning needs. You let us know what your vision is and we make it happen.

MSE Partners also designs and manages its own executive level conferences from concept creation to onsite execution in a variety of interest areas, including healthcare, legal, marketing and information technology.